How can I sell with

Are you a seller or a manufacturer? Do you want to sell your own products on Let's follow up this guide! Create your seller account and publish your products.

Fist of all you need to create a generic account on by clicking on the 'Sign in' button in the top bar of the Homepage, or using this link.

Then press on - No account? Create one here - just below the log in fields (you can also use the link into this page)

1 - Register your generic account

Now you have to fulfill the 'Account form' with all the requested details and then confirm data.

At the end of this process, please log into our website

2 - Register your seller account

When logged in, you shoul see something like this

Now, press on the 'Create a Seller Account' button and fulfill ne next form with the requested information. When you have completed, check the agreement checkbox and press on save.

3 - Wait for our account confirmation

After the confirmation, your account button will show 'YOUR SELLER ACCOUNT IS PENDING APPROVAL'.

This is because we need to verify your information and approve your account before allowing you to sell. It usually takes 1 day.

4 - Insert your first carrier

When we approve your account, the seller button will show: 'SELLER ACCOUNT'. This means that all went right, and now you are ready to sell!

When you press on your seller account link, you see a new dashboard, containing all what you need to sell your product!

First of all you have to insert your carriers. That's because during the product creation you have to choose a carrier for the shipping.

In order to add a new carrier, press on the 'Carrier' button and fill in the carrier creation form.

Then scroll down and complete also the 'Range' section, which allow you to enter more detailed shipping rules.

At the end press on save. Now you are ready to add your first product!

5 - Insert your products

Press on the 'ADD NEW PRODUCT' button in the top right corner of your seller menu

Into the 'add product' section, you can modify or add everything about every single product you want to sell on our platform.

There are 9 main sections which allow you to enter all the product details. Below you can find the main sections previews.

5.a Information

5.b Price

5.c Categories

5.d Shipping

5.e Quantities

5.f Countries Block

6 - Ready to sell

When you have successfully added at least 1 product, you are ready to configure all the other 'Sale settings' such as carriers and payment. is a user friendly platform, really intuitive and easy to use!

After the configuration, you will be ready to sell!

7 - Sales rates

We suggest you to visit our Sales Rate page, which contains all the charges you need to pay to in order to place your products on our market platform. It also lists our best offers and promotions.